Sanford Jackson

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Keeping Health Care Close to Home 

Sanford Jackson Medical Center is located in the heart of Southwestern Minnesota. The combined hospital and clinic serves the people of Jackson County and the surrounding area.

We strive to offer excellent health care through the efforts of our dedicated staff. Through our long-term partnerships with Sanford Health and the Jackson Health Care Foundation, we have established a strong local community-based health center focused on providing quality health care close to home.

Our services include emergency medicine, acute care, chemotherapy treatment, physical and occupational therapy as well as general surgery and family medicine.

Sanford Jackson Medical Center
1430 North Highway
Jackson MN 56143
(507) 847-2420

Sanford Jackson Clinic
1430 North Highway
Jackson, MN 56143
(507) 847-2200

Sanford Jackson Lakefield Clinic
209 Main St.
Lakefield, MN 56150
(507) 662-6611

Values and Mission